Apartments for rent in Krakow

Is this your first time in Krakow? Or maybe you’ve been here before, liked it here and decided to come back? Or you’ve lived here for a while now and you’re facing the same thing again: renting in Krakow?

Whatever your situation is Krakow has got a lot to offer, not only in terms of culture and night life 🙂 but also a great range of apartments for rent.

Short term rental

If you only come here for a couple of days or just a few weeks, check out It’s huge in Krakow. And prices are reasonable, compared to other cities. For a nice 1 bedroom apartment you pay around 30-45 euro a night. Of course, you can find a lot more expensive flats too. That’s if you’re looking for real luxury, or you want to stay extremely close to Rynek, not 5 minutes away.

But if you don’t mind the standard you can also have something a lot cheaper than this!

If you’re coming to Krakow for a longer time, say a few months, short-term rental might get a bit problematic. That’s because of the taxes: for short term rental a lot higher tax applies and that’s why landlords don’t want to rent their flats for 6 months and less.

How to work around it? There is a way!

You can sign a contract for the whole year and about a month before you want to move out start searching for a new tenant to will replace you. Just make sure beforehand that your landlord agrees to it.

Apartments to rent in Krakow

Holiday period is a bit more difficult time if you want to start renting in Krakow then. It’s because a lot of people rent out their places on Airbnb 🙂 so these flats won’t be available during summer, but will be back on the market around September / October, ready to be rented for until the next summer!

Fortunately, not everyone does Airbnb. Because, let’s face it – Airbnb is a lot of work. So throughout the whole year you will have many flats available and waiting for tenants. You can rent virtually anything here, from studio apartments to houses; from crap places to designer style apartments.

How to rent an apartment in Krakow?

I have done another post on this (check here), but let me put a small addition over here.

First and foremost, think about your needs and preferences about the flat.

  • apartment or a house
  • size
  • how many bedrooms do you need
  • preferred area
  • maximum budget
  • contract duration
  • when from?
  • any additional things that could be a nice addition / or things that are just must have?

Once you set your preferences think about what you really need, and where you can be flexible. Obviously everyone wants to rent a flat in a good standard, in good price and in a great area. If you found a flat in the best area ever and you love how it looks, would you be willing to pay more than you initially thought? Or would you then be more inclined to look for something further away, just not to overspend on the flat and still have a place that you really like?

If you don’t know how much you should budget, check out our previous post about average rental prices.

Once all of this is decided, you should probably decide whether you want to deal with the rental privately or if you want to use a real estate agent. Read here about all pros and cons.

At the end, a bit of an advice on what you should do / remember about when renting an apartment in Krakow. Enjoy!

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