Buying a property in Krakow: why deal with it privately?

Buying a property is certainly a huge thing and we want to make sure our new home is just perfect. We can search for it on our own or we can use real estate agent’s services. Which option is better? In this post I’d like to show you all pros and cons of doing it on your own, just for your awareness.


There are quite a few arguments in favour of dealing with the purchase process on your own.

  • In search for a perfect place you get to know the market a lot better. You get to see for yourself what is and what isn’t within your reach and then you can make a well informed decision. Check out our previous blog note about where to search for properties in Krakow, I provided a few links there that you might find useful.
  • No one knows better than you what your needs and preferences are; having browsed through the whole market you will find something that suits you most. Also, assuming that you have a lot of time that you can spend searching for the perfect property you get to compare as many of them as you want and therefore you make up your mind about what you really do or don’t need.
  • If you know what to look out for you can deal with all the formalities (come back for our next posts: Buying property step by step: new development and secondary market). Especially if buying from a primary market, that’s easy.
  • You don’t have to pay the commission – you save money.


  • Searching through the internet for a perfect offer is very time consuming. Even more so for you; not only will you spend hours looking for a place that you like, you also need to speak at least a little bit of Polish to actually be able to understand the offer.
  • If buying on your own, you need to deal with the current property owner or their agent. Hopefully you can speak Polish or they can speak English, but if that’s not the case then the process might not be easy for you. Especially if you’d like to negotiate the price.
  • If buying from secondary market the number of formalities you need to deal with can be overwhelming, especially that everything will be in Polish.
  • You won’t be getting any of those awesome perks listed in one of our previous posts on why you should hire an agent. Read here and here for more info 🙂

I guess it all depends on how confident you feel buying a property on your own. Especially in a foreign country. It can be quite an adventure for you in both good and a bad sense.

Kasia Kubicka

An experienced landlord in Krakow. Content crafter at Property Sisters. Restaurant crawler, avid reader and keen photographer.

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