Everything you need to know about unexpected visits of a landlord

I recall a dreadful story by a friend of mine, about her waking up one time in her rented apartment. It’s 7 am, she’s still deep in her sleep when suddenly her landlord (sic!) wakes her up by entering her room (not apartment, her room!!) and saying: „morning, I just came by to check on the balcony, I will be changing tiles in 2 weeks time”. Needless to say, he didn’t bother to let her know any earlier that he would be coming round.

That really was extreme but it doesn’t mean something similar won’t happen to you.

Know what is against the law

If you ever discover that your landlord pays visits in the apartment without letting you know about it – you should know that’s breaking the law. It doesn’t matter whether they broke into your place through the window or just used their own set of keys, they just must not enter the place without your permission.

Similarly, it is against the law when the landlord stays in the apartment against your will. It makes no difference how they entered – you let them in or they entered by force – f they refuse to leave after you had clearly stated that you want them to, that’s against the law as well.

What is not against the law

The only situation where a landlord may enter your apartment while you’re not there is when there is a breakdown that has caused or might cause a damage to the apartment. Ideally, a landlord should then enter your place together with police officers.

How to punish a landlord?

So what can you do when you find yourself in a situation like that?

Your role as an “invaded” tenant is really quite limited and only requires you to submit a notification of a crime.  You can do it at police station or, in case your landlord is still in your apartment and refuses to leave, you can call the police and report a crime when they come over.

What are the possible penalties? It might be: a fine, restriction of liberty or prison sentence for up to 1 year. If they get away with just a fine and you think that’s not fair, just think about it this way: they will forever have a criminal record. That’s a good enough punishment, isn’t it!

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