Finding a property to buy in Kraków

How to start searching for a flat? Where to even begin, especially if you’re not Polish and you don’t know the language?

Print is NOT dead

Nowadays, where almost everything happens on the net, it’s hard to imagine that newspapers can still be a good source of information on properties available on the market.

Is this an option for you? Yes and no. What you might expect is that the listings will be in Polish only. If that’s a problem that you cannot overcome, don’t even start looking there. However, if you don’t get discouraged by our beautiful but difficult language, definitely give newspapers a go: you can find a property of a lifetime there! Especially if you think about all the older people who might not even think to use internet for advertising their properties.

Good places to start: Gazeta Wyborcza or Rzeczpospolita.

Browse through the internet

This one seems to be an obvious choice. There are lots of websites dedicated to properties. You can use them anytime you want, day or night, all you need to do is fill in the search criteria and there you go!

Again, you will find most of the listings will be in Polish. But all it takes is to learn a few Polish words so you can determine what you’re looking for. Play with the specifications (type, area, size, price) to see what is available on the market and what you can afford. Google Translate is your friend and translates quite accurately.

The search engines I recommend for secondary market search are,, When it comes to new developments, dominium ( offers a user-friendly and up to date map if properties available on the primary market.

Use a real estate agent – *most comprehensive

As a part of the service you get from using an agent, they will do all of the searching for you. This will provide the most comprehensive result as an agent will have direct connections with owners, developers and within various property related networks so you may find a property here before it is even in the public domain. They will first find out about your needs and will only suggest the offers that are up to your standard which is a great timesaver. Once you make a decision they will also get you through all the legal work, assist with financial and mortgage arrangements, answer any questions and often a lot more.

Be sure to choose an agency that offers their services in English. This way you won’t have to worry about not understanding Polish.

There are a couple of agents based here in Kraków, or you can become one our many happy customers and contact us via the property enquiry form.


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