Get registered in Krakow!

Every person coming to live and work in Poland is obliged to get registered (temporarily or permanently). You’ve got 30 days for that if you are an EU Citizen, 4 days if non-EU. But even if you’re a rebel and don’t care about what the law says, you still might want to consider registering yourself for other reasons. For instance, If you live in the center of Krakow and own a car, you need to be registered in order to get the permit for your parking zone.

1. Collect the documents

You will need the following documents:

  • Valid passport or ID
  • Lease agreement if you are renting a flat or if you own a place – title deeds for the property
  • Temporary or Permanent residence registration form, downloadable from the City Hall website (Temporary Residence “zgłoszenie pobytu czasowego” or Permanent Residence “zgłoszenie pobytu stałego”)
  • Residence permit if you are a EU Citizen or valid Visa if non-EU

2. Get yourself registered

Poland seems to be about 73 years behind everywhere else when it comes to government-run websites, so it shouldn’t come as surprise when you hear it’s not possible to do this online (or read any of their content in English). You have to go yourself or, if too busy, authorise someone to represent you and provide them with all the required documents.

Registration of residence doesn’t cost a thing, it’s only when you want to get a proof of temporary registration that you need to pay 17zl.

Depending on which district of the city you live in you might have to go to one of the following offices:

  • Districts I-VII (Śródmieście, Krowodrza) – Powstania Warszawskiego 10, Centrum Administracyjne
  • Districts VIII-XIII (Podgórze) at Wielicka 28a
  • Districts XIV-XVIII (Nowa Huta) Zgody 2

It can take from 4 – 6 weeks for your registration to be processed and to receive your confirmation in the post.

Tip: If you don’t understand Polish then we recommend you take someone who can translate for you. You might be lucky enough to get someone at the desk who knows English but we wouldn’t count on it!

Good luck! and we hope you don’t have to deal with a grumpy clerk! 🙂


Kasia Kubicka

An experienced landlord in Krakow. Content crafter at Property Sisters. Restaurant crawler, avid reader and keen photographer.

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