How much is real estate agent commission?

You think of using real estate agent services and you’re not sure how much you should budget? You don’t know what the rates are? Here we give you advice on the standard rates in Kraków and in Poland.


When renting a flat through an agent you should expect to pay a commission equivalent to your first month rent. That is: if you end up renting a flat for 1500 zł a month plus utilities, the agent commission will be 1500 zł. If your flat will be 5000 zł + media, the agent’s fee will amount to 5000 zł!

Of course the rates might be up to negotiation – it is only up to an agent to tell you whether or not they would be willing to give you a discount on their services. Remember though – you should negotiate the rates before the search process starts.


Real estate agent fee here is usually 3-5% net + 23% VAT from the purchase price. (Negotiable in special cases) This means: if you buy an apartment for 300 000 zł the 5% agent’s fee will amount to 15 000 zł.


To learn more about real estate agent’s responsibilities, what they can help you with and what they can protect you from, read here!

I hope you find it helpful!

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