Internet providers in Krakow

Whether you’re buying a flat or renting one in Krakow, one of the first things you will need to do is get your place connected with the world – what I mean by that is get the internet installed in your apartment 🙂 How do you start?

Find out about internet providers in your neighbourhood

Of course, you can browse through the internet in search for a perfect connection. There are plenty of providers in Krakow, to mention a few: UPC, Netia, Neostrada, Orange, Plus or Play. You can’t take it for granted though that they will be working perfectly fine in your flat, your building or even the whole district. It might be technical reasons, it might be contracts between the administration of the building you will live in and the internet provider.

What I suggest is: when buying a new flat or a house ask your neighbours for recommendation, see which provider they are using and how they like it. If you’re renting a place, contact the landlord as they will know either from own experience or from what they heard from previous tenants which internet provider will work best for you.

Mobile internet

Probably the most convenient one – you can buy it online and they will deliver it to your house using courier services. You can plug it in and out whenever you want, you can also take it with you on a trip and provided that there is connection – you can use the internet anywhere in Poland.

More importantly, any provider you use you have to sign a contract for at least 1 if not 2 years. What if your lease ends before then? You can take your internet with you to the next flat! Great solution, isn’t it?

Well there’s a downside to everything. LTE is not available everywhere. And the speed of the connection might not always be to your liking.

Cable network

You can order it online, but then you will need to accommodate some time for the installation – someone will come to your apartment and get the internet fixed for you. Once done, you will probably never ever move the router anywhere else.

The contracts might differ, the most popular one is for  years. What if your lease for rented apartment gets terminated before then? You will either keep paying for the internet you won’t use, or you can hope the next tenant will take up your contract.

The big plus is that you might expect great transfer speed – even up to 250 Mb/s with UPC.

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