Renting an apartment in Krakow: privately or through an agent?

Surprisingly enough, this might be one of the biggest questions to answer. Just moved to Krakow and you need a place really quickly? Or maybe you’re already experienced with changing apartments in this beautiful city but would like to enhance your experience? Whatever your situation, you need somewhere to stay; how you’re going to find it only depends on how much money and time you’ve got.

Renting privately

This option is definitely for those who have lots of time and are careful about how they spend their money. Advantages?

  • no one knows better than you what your needs are and what you can compromise on. You get to choose which offers you really want to see and go for;
  • you don’t have to pay the middleman (you save money).

Renting privately might also turn into a nightmare for a few reasons:

  • it consumes a lot of time; even if the offer looks great on the internet it might turn out to be a disaster in real life;
  • the best offers can be taken while you’re too busy working or studying, no one can stay up waiting for the newest listings all the time;
  • most listings are in Polish so unless you’ve learnt the language already, you have to rely on Google Translator or a good friend to help you out. Even then when you finally go to see the place you might have questions your potential landlord will not understand due to the language barrier…
  • I have just said that you don’t have to pay the middleman… but the reality is you might end up doing it anyway! 70% of the listings on property websites come from the agents representing flat owners.

Renting through an agent

Limited time, money is no or not a big issue?

  • good real estate agency will delegate an English-speaking agent for you so you don’t have to worry about communication with landlord or formalities.
  • agents might be aware of interesting apartments to let that have not been posted on any websites yet. Worth checking!
  • a good agent will first find out what your needs are and then provide you with just a few offers that suit your needs best. Most probably you will rent the 1st or 2nd flat you see with them. That saves your time!

This option also has its disadvantages:

  • if you’re renting via an agent, next to the first rent and (most probably) the deposit you will also have to pay the agent’s fee (50% – 100% of the first rent);
  • you have to be careful with choosing the real estate agency. It’s not like every single one offers services in English!

Decide what works for you best. Good luck there!

Kasia Kubicka

An experienced landlord in Krakow. Content crafter at Property Sisters. Restaurant crawler, avid reader and keen photographer.

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