What is the best area to buy a property in Krakow?

Most people only buy one or maximum two properties in their lifetime. Taking a decision to buy a flat or a house is therefore a huge one and we need to make sure we are happy about our purchase.

Once you make a decision that you want to get a property in Krakow the question arises: what will be the best area to buy? Which translates into: where would I like to live?

Close to the city heartbeat

If proximity to the city centre is your most important requirement you should definitely look for a place in Stare Miasto (Old Town) you will be able to get anywhere on foot, be super close to the cultural life, coming back from a restaurant or a party will no longer require taking a taxi.

However, if you’re not happy spending 10,000 zł (or more) per square metre, I would recommend looking for a property in a nearby Krowodrza. It’s extremely well communicated (many tram and bus lines, as well as train connection), it’s located very close to the centre (about 2.5 km from Galeria Krakowska), and it’s quite green as well (Park Wyspiańskiego). All these reasons make Krowodrza an increasingly popular district of Krakow.


Those who are looking for a bit of luxury in their life and can afford paying higher prices should try two districts: Wola Justowska and Salwator. Both are described as the most prestigious districts of Krakow. Still not too far away from the centre (around 3 km), super green (Las Wolski, Błonia, Park Decjusza, Kopiec Kościuszki), both are full of exclusive residential buildings but also new developments. They’re attractive places to live, but you need to budget a bit more if you want to buy a property over there.

Spacious apartment, lower price

If you want a big spacious place within a reasonable price, then you probably need to look further away from the centre. Check out Ruczaj, Bronowice, and Prądnik Biały & Czerwony but if your budget is really tight then maybe Kliny would be an option for you. All of them are well communicated, but it will take you about half an hour to get to the centre from those locations. On the other hand you might be very close to your work as lots of companies are located at offices on the outskirts.

If you’re looking for a place to live determining the area is definitely a good start. It might happen that you will end up buying a property in a totally different district, but at least you know where to begin your search.

Mind you, location plays a massive role when your new property is more of an investment – you want to rent it out or resell it later and you count on earning huge money this way. Read more about where to buy a flat to let in Krakow in our next posts! 🙂

Kasia Kubicka

An experienced landlord in Krakow. Content crafter at Property Sisters. Restaurant crawler, avid reader and keen photographer.

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